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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

“We listen, comprehend, question, envisage, do research, and commit together to deliver quality on time.”

At Aarika HR Professionals, we completely understand the magnitude of recruiting talented personnel for your organisation. We therefore endeavour to collaborate with our clients to provide quality personnel at the right time to enable them to meet their recruitment and staffing needs and requirements on time.

Hence, we always strive to bestow you with strategic options that are explicitly designed to address your needs. Our ingenious approach ensures that we seek out for excellence and deliver dynamic, qualified, multi-talented candidates who are capable of instantaneously making an impact.

Our core strength lies in helping our clients in the identification, hiring and building of their teams with talent not readily available through the medium of various job boards and career fairs. We do maintain a huge DATABASE at our disposal coupled with a Team of highly experienced Recruiters, which makes it feasible for us to cater to any of your JOB REQUIREMENTS you have we leave no unturned to provide you with the desired results.

We try to optimal balance in our recruitment services with an efficient screening system and demeanour post-hire follow-ups to ensure that our candidates meet your needs.

Our services are designed in keeping in mind certain things i.e. to shun down the stress out of recruitment and to endow you with various end-to-end solutions that give you value for money.

Our Recruitment and selection process involves various steps. We strive to provide candidates which can really “Fit” in your company’s environment.

Our Approach:

Step 1: First Meeting

  • We listen to our client’s requirement and assess their request.
  • We assess their budget.
  • We design a time frame for the whole project.

Step 2: Business Need Analysis

  • We conduct an in-depth analysis of your current requirements to completely understand your ongoing needs.
  • We draft a proposal in relevance to your specific and unique requirements to bestow you with the strategic options.
  • We comprehensively define our roles and provide you with the complete cost implications

Step 3: Search and Sourcing

  • Develop the details of the job and candidates requirements (the “fit”)
  • We conduct a comprehensive database search, do job postings on relevant online job portals and organise newspaper adverts if required
  • After that we do short listing of the desired candidate as per the profile requirement.
  • Proper pre-screening and interviewing is done of the shortlisted candidates.
  • Final presentation of the screened candidates and organising of the final interview round with the client.
  • Completing reference checks & follow up with unsuccessful interviewees

Step 4: Job offer & Final Placement

  • We co-ordinate the job offer with the selected candidate.
  • Post-hire follow-ups with the client after 30days in order to ensure that the hired candidate really fits in well or not.
  • Offer replacement guarantee to the clients within 45 days.

We give an assurance to build and maintain a handy and accommodating atmosphere for the general workplace.