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“Our perseverance persists till we raise your business efficiency”

In today’s competitive world, it has become indispensable for each and every organization to have a corporate and a professional environment. This can only be accomplished with a HUMAN CAPITAL with corporate and professional etiquettes, attitude and a very optimistic and affirmative approach. As an HR Consulting firm, Aarika HR Professionals very well understands this need of yours. We facilitate our clients with a great HRD and placement services, which are strategically designed to lend a hand in the analysis of their current business operations, identification of latent areas for improvement and in deciding what functions they need to outsource.

Some of the most typical type challenges that organizations are facing these days are:

  • Transformation of HR into a strategic business partner and alignment of HR processes with the strategic business goals and objectives.
  • Accomplishing organizations’ distinctive talent needs by attracting, hiring, recruiting and retaining the right people within the stipulated time period.
  • Trying to keep a check on high Human Resource operations costs
  • Drafting HR policies and structures to exhibit HR’s true value.
  • Harnessing the right information in the right time to facilitate strategic HR decisions
  • Maximizing the ROI through wise investments on Human Resource.

At Aarika HR Professionals, we always make sure that our clients triumph over the above mentioned challenges through the HRD and management solutions we provide which are specially designed and developed keeping in mind each client’s individual need and situation.

HR management is not about recruiting and staffing, it’s all about recruiting the “RIGHT CANDIDATE” through “RIGHT COURSE OF ACTION”. The retention of HUMAN CAPITAL has been considered as imperative task as the recruitment of the right talent is for any organisation. And to retain the best candidate for long duration of time, the organization has to provide such an environment to an employee where he/she can stay with satisfaction and incessantly work with high performance resulting into higher productivity. To have such an environment we help an organization to focus on certain important criterion.

Here is a bird’s eye view to what solutions we offer to the organisations:

  • 360° Organization Survey and Analysis
  • Human Resource System Analysis and Implementation
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Performance and HR Productivity Survey
  • IQ Analysis of the HR and Human Capital
  • Attrition Rate Analysis and Control System
  • Training Need Analysis
  • Corporate Training and Development
  • Recruitment Process Review

Therefore, to facilitate and assist our esteemed clients, we have ushered in these Human Resource Development and Management services which will not only enhance an ORGANIZATION, but will also help them being a professional CORPORATE with real professionals.