Staffing Solutions

“Up-rating your global manpower to the next level of excellence”

Nothing is permanent except change. Change is the only constant thing that occurs consistently in this globalized economy. And an endowed workforce is the only competitive advantage that you can bet on.

Aarika HR Professionals staffing solutions provide an extensive end-to-end activity administration to your staffing requirements, bridging the gaps between your need for skilled workforce and the right people, with the right proficiency. Because we understand that people with the RIGHT SKILL, KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDE – can make all the difference to your aspiration of bringing in a constructive change to your organization.

  • Right Talent
  • Temporary workforce or Temp staffing
  • Temporary-To-Permanent
  • Seasonal workforce or Flexi workforce
  • Mass Talent
  • Backend resource pool (For BPOs and Administration work)

With our qualitative and bespoke staffing solutions, we facilitate you to reduce human resource related operating costs, thereby allowing you to primarily focus on your core activities.

We offer services for fulfil a wide gamut of job requirements that includes Sales, back-end office operations, accounting and finance, office administration, human resources, customer service support personnel, programmers, hardware and software engineers and many more.

On the request and consent our esteemed client, we source and offer a customer support specialist at their place, to address all their employee-related issues so that their top level managers can focus on their other responsibilities more effectively. Generally, after the short-listing and recruitment of the specially selected candidates in your organisation, they get migrated onto our pay rolls eventually.

Many organisations count on us to acquire and retain the right talent, as with the passage of time we have gained desired credibility in the Indian market because our operational excellence caters across segments.

We give personal assurance not only to our esteemed clients, but also to the candidates who will be migrated onto our pay rolls for:

  • Satisfactory Payroll process
  • PF and ESI facilitation where required
  • Clear-cut separation process and
  • Special Medical Claim and Personal Accident Insurance coverage( where required)

Our Staffing Solutions Approach

Quality of service, geographical and demographic reach, technology driven solutions, providing employees on tap, effective training and better-quality operational delivery systems are some of the premium services you get to experience while working with us. Our intact service delivery is facilitated by top-notch and outstanding technology backing support.

We also provide access to various other employment related aspects like offer, appointment and experience letters, historical salary information, Investment Declaration Form, Form 16 and other related documentation.

With the assistance of Aarika HR Professionals (TEAM) our clients can handle attendance and leave management with ease.

“Make a wiser hiring decision, benchmark your company against others in your industry, and identify the staffing trends to grindstone your competitive edge.”

Seeking out for good talent for certain temporary projects? Then you have come up to the right place. You can look at our various options of hiring. We would take care of the entire course of action right from the identification and hiring of the right personnel to the management of their payroll management, statutory compliance and HR paperwork to the exit of the personnel, on completion of the projects through our placement and temporary staffing consultants.

Areas covered under temporary staffing:


A team of professional and expert consultant at Aarika HR Professionals will do the screening, identification, recruitment and assigning of suitable employees to a client organization on short-term contractual basis to sustain or to maintain steadiness in company’s work force in situations involving employee absences, temporary skill shortages, seasonal workloads, and upcoming of special projects.


We will screen, recognize, employ and allocate employees to a client organization to work on long-term contractual basis, for nebulous assignments.


Aarika HR Professionals outsource most competent employees who work for a Client organization during an assessment period in which both the employee and the Client organization may result into a “permanent” employment relationship with due course of time.


If the client organization has already acknowledged people or there are some people presently employed in the organization that you want to hire on a temporary basis, we can hire and allot these personnel to execute services in your organization.

Benefits of Temporary Staffing

  • Generates prospect for organizations to put emphasis on their core areas of business
  • Right of entry to Talent
  • Employment Flexibility
  • Brings smoothness & efficiency in recruitment and replacement processes
  • Long term cost recompense
  • Pay Scale Benefits.
  • Perks up the ROI of your HR investments
  • Diminish compliance risk
  • Improve delivery
  • Provide time to focus on strategic HR

Activities covered at Aarika HR Professionals under Temporary Staffing:

Employee Communication

  • Aarika HR Professionals take care of the communication of benefits and compensation programs. We diligently handle the entire joining formalities for contractual employees’ through comprehensive inductions.
  • Articulation of total rewards and all employment procedures.

Payroll Administration

  • Our total compensation administration services basically include the management of employee salary, additional benefits, incentives and total rewards.
  • Heedful administration of permissible compliance and statutory payments to government authorities.
  • Organization & management of proper employee database.
  • Our workforce management services include administration of comprehensive employee records covering life events and employment events.
  • Employee Benefits Management.
  • Our leave management services include leave commencement; leave tracking and management; and synchronization.
  • Insurance policies and claims management.
  • Expense Reimbursement processing

Talent Management

  • Our employee talent management services include feedback compilation, and individual profile maintenance.
  • We also facilitate a diverse range of training and development options to help our clients in retention of talent in their organization.

“Capitalize on the constructive impact of your workforce with enhanced agility, productivity, competence and performance via our comprehensive suite of permanent staffing programme.”

For business enterprises that are eagerly looking forward to expand their core staff without incurring an extra cost or taking a risk of recruitment process, Aarika HR Professionals permanent staffing model is the personalized and bespoke solution for them. We are competently equipped to deliver industry-specific staffing resources that are imperative to the success of any business enterprise.

Our team of highly trained industry-specific consultants facilitates the organizations to meet challenges by cutting down exorbitant human resource overhead costs, and prolonged and protracted recruitment and assessment processes.

Aarika HR Professionals instantly puts your job posting in the hands of hundreds of outperforming, highly-qualified aspirants all the way through multiple channels.

We act as connecting link between you and the aspirant during the negotiation process, taking care of everything right from interviewing and background checks to the extension and closure of offers on your behalf.

Our team of professionals is qualified in the industry staffing and is devoted to become a fundamental expansion of the organization human resources department. Our Permanent staffing service team will take care of the entire recruitment and assessment process and will provide you with the shortlisted resources for permanent hiring.

The Permanent staffing service allows capitalizing on the advantage of instantaneously position filling without the costs coupled with advertising, screening and interviewing unqualified applicants.

Our approach in Permanent Hiring Service:

  • Ascertain an in-depth understanding of the client’s business, agreement, bonds, goals, and opportunities for future staff.
  • Requirements analysis to delineate in detail the particulars of the position’s requirements and responsibilities.
  • Doing Research, networking, and screening of prospective candidates based on talent, experience and position.
  • Identification of qualified candidates meeting the profile.
  • Arranging interviews for short-listed candidates
  • Conducting technical, non-technical & aptitude tests, in-depth interviews.
  • Background verification and stringent reference check.
  • Salary Negotiation.
  • Suggest the Shortlisted candidates to the Client HR team.
  • Post-Recruitment follow-ups and support that instigate on-the-job feedback and adjustments.
  • Provide assistance in the decision making process of the Clients HR Team.
  • Commence contract formalities and other procedures.
  • Prompt replacement of the resources on urgent basis.